One shoe…many options

Shoes. The one relationship that never lets you down….causes you pain sometimes, but hey, no pain no gain right?

Imagine for a minute you have received a gift card, from a very awesome sponsor, for a pair of designer shoes. BUT…you don’t just get one pair, you get one + pair….have I confused you already?

Have no fear, introducing Alterre. At first, I wasn’t sure I liked this concept. You basically pick the base shoe, your choice of 3 styles, various colors and then you pick your accessories, tons of variety there…I couldn’t pick just one look online but for this specific type of shoe, I needed to see them up close.

I gave the gift card to my Mom as a holiday present, the one downside to Alterre, their sizing stops at 10. I am at least a 10.5 or 11 depending on the shoe, Mom however, is a nice 8.5 so she has now become my guinea pig.

The site is super easy to navigate, Mom had her gift card out and used in a matter of minutes and the product arrived mere days later…AND during the holidays!!! Mom was so excited, as was I to see what these swappable shoes had to offer.


The shoes and accessories are packaged well. Included is a nice shoe bag for transporting your variety where ever you go. My Mom started out with the black suede mule. The heel height was perfect for a 70 year old who can’t necessarily don those gorgeous stilettos anymore. It was Christmas all over again as Mom tore through the box, tossing paper and plastics aside to reveal these snazzy, interchangable shoes.

First, went the black mule with the Jackie in black suede strap, then with a simple pop off and pop on, the 2nd accessory option was in place, the ‘Marilyn in sunshine’ strap.


As you can see, two different straps, two different shoes. Now earlier I mentioned my Mom is a size 8.5. She ordered a size 9 as the site recommends that if you wear a half size, then order the next size up…here’s the thing, the box said 9, the shoe said 8…not quite sure what happened but the fit of the shoe wasn’t bad…we decided for this shoe, we’ll keep the 8 and the next round of options Mom ordered a 9. We’ll compare the difference once they arrive.

All in all, Alterre did Mom good…with an extra bounce in her step and a feather in her superficial, ‘very expensive shoe addition’ hat, Mom is feeling like a million dollars and her shoes make her look like it.

Visit Alterre and check out their complete line of mules, sandals and platforms to design your perfect, portable shoe wardrobe. Tell them Women Who Wow sent you!!!!



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