To pee or not to pee, that is the problem

Ugh. As a woman who has given birth naturally twice, this conversation is real and annoying. Can you relate?

I love to workout. I love to try new styles, I love to challenge myself. I love to see what my body can do, especially the older I get.

The problem? Jump jacks. Jump rope. Burpees. Frankly, anything with the word ‘jump’ in front of it. Trampolines? Forget it….not even going to try. My kids think I don’t want to play with them, my trainers think I’m lazy…but in all honesty…I just don’t want to pee myself and the panty liner that I wear daily for just this reason is not strong enough to hold what would come if the flood gates open.177274539

I drink a minimum of 120oz of water a day. That’s a lot of detoxing, flushing and trips to the bathroom. I will not stop drinking water. I know many of you have just because of the possibility of losing it. Running for the bus or subway. Running to catch a flight. Chasing after littles ones, playing on the playground etc….all of these activities have the potential to create fear and embarrassment.

So, what do we do? Load up our panties with pads? Bulk up? Be uncomfortable? What about date night…OH NO! Catastrophy! Even if our men love us unconditionally, it’s not the kind of surprise he had in mind when he caressed your thigh.

B8D21B FV3027, Malek Chamoun; Male Hand Trying to feel Woman's Thigh

ENOUGH! Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t cause us such anxiety. Have no fear, I have found the solution. Trust me when I say I’ve put this to the test. I’ve tried various workouts, ranging from Crossfit to Kickboxing. It’s amazing to get through an entire 1 hour, vigorous workout without leaking, or running to the bathroom 12 times, taking valuable time away from my body and it’s maintenance.

Introducing Poise Impressa. I affectionately refer to these as a peepon 🙂

How they work…as seen in the image below, you insert it, as you would a tampon. The shape of the peepon pushes against the valve that allows for leakage. It kind of resembles a balloon. It’s in a large applicator, (smaller than the average penis so if you are getting any, you’re good with the comfort level when inserting (yes, I went there), and once it comes out of the applicator, it sort of pops into its shape.impressa-diagram-37impressa-product-view

There is a sample pack you can purchase to see what level of protection you need. 3 different sizes. I recommend you start there, try each one during a workout…when using level 1, be sure to back up your protection just in case you need the next level up. If you find you are still leaking during those push sessions, move up to level 2 and so on.

This is truly revolutionary in the world of working out and holding our dignity and self-confidence as we age. You will always get what’s real and what’s useful from me. I don’t hold back, and I won’t patronize. If it helps me, it will help you.

Let me know what you think and share your new adventures with your peepons!!!!



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