Full Time whatever I want

Many of you who have been following me for a bit know I LOVE NETWORK MARKETING….
I’ve been doing it for 12 years, I am a 6 figure income earner..and I have no intention to stop.
I’m a full-time mom, a full-time model, a full-time whatever the hell I want to be because all of my eggs aren’t in one basket. Multiple streams of income is the secret to financial freedom, and network marketing is a great option to bring in a passive paycheck.
Now, has it always been that way? NO!
In the beginning, I was just breaking even. My first company was jewelry…but like ALL retail network marketing businesses, if you aren’t out selling, you aren’t making anything…then there are the discontinued items, buying the new items, because I’ll tell you, no catalog can do justice…so you HAVE to have the pieces for clients to feel, touch and try on….
After that we moved into various other companies, and in the direction of wellness. Eventually moving into the residual income world of consumables…THE ONLY sustainable income in network marketing lies in consumables.
My first 6 figures were earned with a company called IWG…or for some, better known as ‘those crazy wrap things’…up until this company…we had broken even with our investments but never gotten ahead.
In those first 14 months, I was hustling. I was here, I was there, I was in Miami, I was in Canada, I was doing events I was literally working full time….but, it all paid off when I got my first $6000+ dollar check. Then I got another one & another, we were on the cusp of a 5 figure check when it started to dip…then I had to work harder and replace boxes where distributors quit…I had to give away my customers, long story short…the longer I was in and the more money I made, the harder I had to work…until eventually it all fell apart and I found myself rebuilding my empire for the 2nd time…
Enough was enough…I left IWG because getting to the top, is like running in a hamster wheel…for a while you feel like you’re accomplishing something, but eventually, you figure out you’re going nowhere.
I could go on and on about that one…but the long and short of this blog post is…WHEN CHOOSING THE RIGHT PART TIME JOB….THINK!!!!!
This article from www.bottlesoup.com about LulaRoe hits the nail on the head….if you are looking at starting a Plan B, part time job in network marketing, KNOW THIS…the retail options aren’t as good as they are being sold…..there are way more costs involved than what this article covers but the sheer concept is enough to deter me.
Residual income is the way to go…for example…imagine NOT WORKING your business for 3 months…and STILL PROMOTING, which translates into A BIGGER PAYCHECK (disclaimer made…my hubby did do a buttload of work for about 6 months getting his team settled before he left for parts unknown)!!!
If you want to find true success in network marketing, residual income is the only way to go. Find a company and product that works, is flawless in design, appeals to the masses not just men or women or kids and make sure the product is a consumable, not a one time purchase. Remember, jewelry or clothing is great, but for most, there comes a limit to how much they need. Also, make sure you understand that the larger the investment, the harder the hustle to make it back. If you’ve never owned a business before, this is probably a red flag for you first timers.
We chose Fuxion as our Plan B income because it checks all the boxes. Financially secure. Made in the USA. Clean ingredients in the products. Appeals to the masses. Is on trend with the health and wellness industries. One of a kind products. No competition. Competitively priced. Low start up. Residual income. Do I need to go on?
For more info…comment below or visit this link

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