Aromatherapy Body Scrub

I love clean living….farm fresh. Organic. Simple ingredients for both my belly and my body. I am not a big fan of being in the kitchen. I can cook…but it’s very basic.

I do, though, love to create my own spa & skincare products.

One of my favorites is my sweet orange and vanilla sugar scrub.

Here’s how I make it;

The ingredients are simple. Pick your favorite coconut oil, if you don’t have one I recommend the store brand where you grab your groceries. Because you aren’t ingesting it, you don’t necessarily need the super duper fancy version of it. Grab a bag of sugar. I use the generic white sugar as it’s inexpensive and it goes a long way. Plus it dissolves quickly in the shower.

Now the essential oils, you’ll get a different answer from about everyone you ask. All I can say is find the highest quality oils, that are great to use for skin and won’t lose any integrity if mixed with oil. I use the Sweet Orange mixed with Vanilla for my scrub. I put in Vitamin E to give my skin that extra bit of softness.


Grab a bowl and let’s get started. You’ll want something with a lid so the scent doesn’t fade away and the water from the shower stays out of the mixture.


I like to soften the coconut oil a bit so I can mix the sugar and Vitamin E better. Be sure not to liquify it too much or the sugar will melt when added. 10 seconds in a microwave is a great place to start.

Soften the coconut oil

Once the oil is softened, you can start adding the sugar. Keep adding and stirring the sugar until it gives you the consistency of cake batter. You can also add the Vitamin E during this process. You want it nice and thick so when the oil cools it hardens and is easier to apply in the shower.


Once you have the consistency right, start adding your essential oils. I wish I could say a particular amount but that will depend on the size of your container and how strong you want the scent to be on your skin. So add the amount that appeals to you.

Once you have it all mixed together, it’s time to get naked!

Put it in your shower and get ready to get wet! If you take showers in the morning, this is a great combination, however, if you take showers at night, you’ll want to maybe use a lavender oil mixture so you don’t perk up when you’re trying to calm down.


After use, your skin should look like this. Jump out and air dry if you can…it will allow the oil to absorb more and keep your skin soft all day.  If not, dab dry, don’t rub….trust me, your skin will thank you!

With the holidays around the corner, this also makes for a great gift or stocking stuffer!

More to come of my fav diy skincare.

Please share with me how your version turns out.

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