Elizabeth is here for you!

I told you yesterday about Ashley, this amazing, 5’0 powerhouse who is going to help those who are vertically challenged get real-time advice on everything from fitness to fashion. Today I want to introduce Elizabeth Anastasopolous! Yes, I know, it’s a mouthful….but worth every syllable.

A bit about Elizabeth. I met her about 8 years ago during a fitness competition. The passion this woman expresses for her work will blow you away.

When it comes to the word ‘nutrition’ most people immediately shut down. They fear that word because it usually means they have to lose the ability to eat their favorite goodies and turn to celery and carrots.

I am so thrilled to say that Elizabeth’s language when she utters the word ‘nutrition’ means that she only wants the best for you and takes every step to make sure you are getting the right information about the right foods for you, not the majority.

I can’t wait to share more from Elizabeth as my Fit Family grows…you’re going to fall in love with her just as much as I have!

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