It was Cooooold

It was cold. About 50 degrees, but on the water, the wind made it feel like 30…even though I’m Canadian, my blood seems to have thinned like that of a true Southerner.


But for the shot, it’s worth it. As a model, you don’t often get a choice of where or when you shoot. Fact is, 99% of the time you are told where to go, what time, who the client is and what you’re getting paid. The rest of it is a crapshoot.

For this shoot, it was a collaboration. The photographer, Jerry Mundy and I wanted to just have some fun. He wanted to try his hand at some more editorial photos with a plus size model and I wanted to continue growing my craft by ‘practicing’ and maybe get some cool shots in the process.

As you can see, it worked out for both of us.


For over 2 decades I’ve been in front of a camera, it’s a very safe, comfortable place for me. I love the idea of creating a concept, telling a story with my photos. As a creative person, my passion is shown through the images I share.

Each space I move into, I imagine what kind of character would be standing here, wearing what I’m wearing, and what am I trying to portray or what story am I trying to tell.

Modeling is more than just taking a pretty picture, it’s a way to convey a message without uttering a word. It’s a way to share a thought, an emotion with the viewer that makes them feel something.


And it’s a way to share a piece of yourself, a little piece of your inner soul with each click of the camera.

Anyone can take a picture, it takes a real artist to capture a moment. It’s often those ‘in-betweens’ when you aren’t thinking about the camera or the shot, that the best photos happen.


For more from Jerry, visit his IG account @jerrymundy and you’ll see more from this shoot on my IG @traciestern

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