Down on the range….

It’s about the real world.

As a woman, who travels a lot by herself, and with the way the world is turning, there are more and more reasons why one should become familiar and dare I say it, comfortable with not only shooting a weapon but also, owning one.

On top of these great reasons, I’m also a model and actress and knowing how to handle a weapon will get me one step closer to my goal of being in an action movie with Dwayne Johnson 🙂

I have my concealed carry permit. I am not a highly trained weapons master like my husband, but each time I go to the range, the more I am confident, that should my life or the lives of my family count on me to defend them, I will be able to.

Also, each time I fire a weapon, I get closer and closer to becoming a believable heroin on the big screen.


This is my friend Marianne. She is a total badass with a gun and today I ventured into the box with her. Marianne is a very experienced gun owner and a totally empowered woman. Recently Marianne became a part of a women’s competition team and has invited me to join her, I’ll keep you posted when that happens. (picture obstacle course mixed with weapons training…YES!)

Today started out like any normal range visit. Safety video, information sheet, ear guards and eye guards and off we went. It’s been over a year, yikes…since I fired a weapon, so it was a great refresher to have Marianne go over everything with me.

A gun is like anything else. It is super intimidating when you have no idea how to use it, or even where to start, but once you get to know your weapon, you start to relax into it, and it becomes as comfortable as riding a bike or driving a car.


Necessity is the mother of invention, and that is nowhere more prevalent than at a gun range and retail store. Marianne is using a magazine loader, it helps you load, saving your fingers..great for anyone with arthritis, or a hella nice manicure.

We spent about an hour shooting our handguns, me, getting to know a 9mm again, and Marianne, sharing her Glock with me. As you can see, I’m not that bad of a shot.


There are some out there that would say I didn’t hit the blue spots….and they’d be correct, but if this was a real-world scenario, and this was a real person….they wouldn’t be happy right about now.  The point of today’s lesson was to know that it’s not about where you hit the target so much as understanding the relationship to the real world and what the outcome would have been based on where my bullets landed. I was shooting from 15ft, the legal distance in which you can claim self-defense. (Exceptions to this law exist. Always contact your local state laws to know what you can and cannot do)

While we were at the range, we found out that Daniel Defense was offering ‘free trials’ of AR rifles in the range next to us. Now understand. The scope of my weapons training goes back about 30 years to when my father was a police officer, I was about 15 years old and we would go the range and fire his pistol and our 22 rifles. I was also in Army cadets (a Canadian version of the JROTC programs in the US) where we were taught how to handle a rifle, take it apart and reassemble it, shoot at an outdoor range and learned survival techniques. Since then, the 9mm has been all I’ve touched.

The AR whatever number goes after it, is a curiosity for me. I’ve never seen one in person, never touched one, let alone fired one. Since it was free, and we were already there, Marianne and I ventured over to Range 1 and met up with the staff from Daniel Defense.  This was a great opportunity to be educated on them the proper way by highly trained professionals. With all that said, I was intimidated as all get out by what laid in those lanes.

I know that intimidation is merely a lack of confidence in whatever it is that I am facing, so to regain my power, I took up those weapons….this was what happened…


Was this experience fun? Yes. I’m not going to lie. It was a learning experience, and I added a new skill to my bag of tricks. Will I ever fire another one of these? I believe so. Either on the range, on a film set or in competition.

Weapons training for me, serves a specific purpose; I want to learn how to defend my family should a reason arise. I want to learn how to defend myself in a real-life situation, should a reason arise. And, I want to learn how to handle multiple types of weapons in various arenas so I can make my dream of being in an action movie, as the first ‘plus size, bad-ass, sex symbol actress’ a reality.

All of that will only happen with practical, hands-on experience.

For more information on women’s groups that shoot, visit your local range or contact your local law enforcement office.


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